Stop guessing where to focus improvement efforts

Gain clarity into the well-functioning of your organization so you can align and allocate resources more effectively.

What is organizational assessment?

Organizational assessment is a way to understand how well an organization is doing.

Instead of waiting for problems to blow up, organizational assessments aims to proactively identify weak points within the organization. This helps us make better decisions on where to focus our improvement efforts, allowing us to move faster and with less friction.

Here are the dimensions we consider when assessing an organization:



What is keeping people from making progress on their priorities?


Do people have access to the insights and tools they require to do a great job?


Where do people require better skills, clarity or assistance to move faster?



Do people feel safe, heard and want to remain within the team?


Have people been assigned clear roles, goals and support mechanisms?


Are we managing the team gaps in skill, structure and behaviour?


Direction and delegation

Is it clear who we are, where we're going and who is responsible for what?

Team health

Are team responsibilities assigned, clearly understood and properly rigged?


Does our culture help us learn, improve and align quickly and continuously?

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How to approach organizational assessment

When assessing an organization, think of yourself (or someone in your organization) as an organizational inspector.

Similar to a building inspector, the role entails using different tools to collect different types of data in order to assess, assign responsibility for and follow up on different health indicators.

To help assist you in this process, we maintain an Organizational inspector role which collects all the health checks we have developed to assess organizational well-functioning. You might use this role to 👉🏼


Gain an overview

Gain an overview of the indicators you should be assessing regularly.


Assess current regime

Evaluate your current familiarity with and operationalization of assessment responsibilities.


Reuse assessments

Copy and adapt individual assessments to your own organization.


Establish assessment regime

Establish a holistic organizational assessment regime with a regular cadence of different assessment topics (similar to a board of directors annual wheel).

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