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Wecomplish is a Digital Twin of the Organization enabling you to remotely align and develop people and their work around a shared insight core.

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Prior to Wecomplish I did not fully appreciate the value of documenting processes and insight, and sharing it with others. After watching the organization grow I have realized how extremely important it is to have a go-to platform for sharing and managing insight, expectations and roles in order to scale more effectively and efficiently.

Kristian Piippo

Kristian Piippo

Head of Expansion at Optio Incentives

The value of the platform

The Wecomplish platform has an unique approach to enabling people and teams.

What is it?

Wecomplish is a platform for enabling people and teams to deliver their best work. In an organizational context, the platform is known as a .

What do I use it for?

Identify and improve people's understanding of the roles they are expected to hold, the skillsets they are expected to master and teams they are expected to contribute to.

What sets it apart?

The platform is based on a understanding of how to affect people's behaviour and get them to work together more effectively. Once you (and the rest of your management team) experience it, you won’t go back to your old way of organizing and developing people, because you will have a deeper understanding of how to and practice .

Which outcomes can I expect?

Improved employee retention and reduced frustration through increased , and across all teams.

What would be my primary motivations for using it?

  • Focus and hold people accountable to their roles, responsibilities, goals and priorities
  • Enable people to do their best work in accordance with
  • Give everyone a clearer grasp of your organization and break down team silos by establishing transparent
  • Improve your understanding of what team members know, feel and think by monitoring and improving , , and
  • strategy, goals and insights
  • Visualize and manage
  • Provide team leaders with the awareness and tools required to practice transparently
  • Improve the accessibility and return on investment of the available to the organization
  • Build a

The Wecomplish platform is designed for leaders intent on building a great organization

What leaders accomplish by using the platform

For highly experienced leaders, the platform makes it easier to practice and communicate what great leadership looks like. For less experienced leaders, the platform functions as a tool for learning, teaching and operationalizing leadership best practices throughout the entire organization.

Practice, learn and teach

The jobs a leader is trying to get done:

Improve organizational capabilities

Organizational development Team development People development Insight management Talent development

Organize work

Organizational design Expectation design Delegation Business process modelling

Execute on strategy

Operationalization Onboarding and training Proactive leadership

Reduce friction

Continuous improvement Organizational bug fixing

Future-proof the organization

Succession planning Risk management Innovation

Provide and produce

The gains a leader is trying to achieve:

High output

Enablement Alignment Focus Support and accountability Development

Organizational resilience

Team health Organizational clarity Role clarity Goal clarity Existence clarity

A distinguishable employee experience

Psychological safety Role mastery Role autonomy Clear expectations

Organizational empathy



The pains a leader is trying to avoid:

Loss of momentum

Employee churn Stagnation

Friction and frustration

Role ambiguity Organizational bugs Team dysfunction

Short-term thinking

Bus factor Organizational debt


Inefficient processes Rework Lazy intellectual capital

Where would you like to start?


I want to develop myself

Copy relevant know-how from the library into your focus dashboard to reflect on and improve your awareness of what it means to exel in your current roles.

Talent development

I want to develop my team members

Practice by aligning your team members around a shared which holds the expectations of the team and individual roles.
Team playbook

I want to develop my organization

Gain a better overview and accountability of both operational priorities and developmental efforts across the organization through different organizational perspectives.

Organizational overview

I manage myself

Gain clear exposure to deadlines, planned work and project involvement to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

I manage projects

Track and communicate progress and budget usage, catch deadlines, reuse insight and evenly distribute workload to facilitate successful projects.

I manage people

Ensure that everyone has the roles, responsibilities and skillsets they need to work independently and achieve their full potential.

I manage a team

Stay on top of activity, insight and performance to lay the groundwork for praise and improvement.

I manage an organization

Gain a bird's-eye view of the organization to ensure compliance, identify pain points and ensure effective growth and performance.

Share the answers every team needs to do their best work


Training & development

Who is familiar with which roles, responsibilities and skills?

  • Roles Who is expected to know and take care of what?
  • Responsibilities What do we need to take care of regularly and how?
  • Familiarity How familiar are people with the expectations of their roles?
  • Skillset What do we benefit from being proficient in?
  • Skills Which abilities do we need to demonstrate?
What we use

Which tools and resources are available to us?

How we work

How can we work efficently and with less friction?


Who is prioritizing what and how far have they come?


What are our expected and actual achievements?


How can we get better?


Who can we help with what?


  • Roles
    Who is expected to know and take care of what?
  • Responsibilities
    What do we need to take care of regularly and how?
  • Familiarity
    How familiar are people with the expectations of their roles?
  • Skillset
    What do we benefit from being proficient in?
  • Skills
    Which abilities do we need to demonstrate?


  • Policies
    What are the behavioural expectations of the team?
  • Checklists
    How do we carry out a certain step in a process?
  • Wiki pages
    What are the team-specific best practices?
  • Processes
    What are we expected to be able to do?

  • Hypotheses
    What needs to be true in order for us to succeed?
  • Profiles
    Which types of people do we want to help?
  • Outcomes
    What are those people trying to achieve?
  • Objections
    What is keeping them from working with us?
  • Solutions
    How do we offer our help?
  • Benefits
    How do our solutions provide value?

  • Projects
    What are our prioritized initatives?
  • Tasks
    What do we plan to work on and how far have we come?
  • Allocations
    What do people plan to do when?
  • Time log entries
    How much time have we spent on what?

  • Objectives
    Which goals are we trying to achieve?
  • Key results
    How will we measure to which extent we have reached our goals?
  • KPI
    How are our key indicators performing?
  • Accomplishments
    What have we achieved?

  • Risks
    What are we concerned might happen?
  • Observations
    Which potentials for improvement require our attention?
  • Meetings
    What do we need to discuss?
  • Surveys
    How do people feel about our work?

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