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What does it mean to enter scaleup mode?

Scaleups face a fundamentally different challenge from startups, and as a result also need to fundamentally shift their focus and priorities.

  • Primary challenge
  • Product market fit stage

  • Most limited resource
  • Primary organizational focus
  • Primary founder responsibilities
  • Primary skills required
  • Primary acquisition & retention focus
  • Primary scalability focus
  • Primary insight focus
  • Primary responsibility focus
  • Primary training & development focus

  • Primary risk & compliance focus
  • Primary privacy & security focus

Scaleup mode
  • Primary challenge: Exponential growth and market development
  • Product market fit stage: Struggling to keep up with demand

  • Most limited resource: Time and attention
  • Primary organizational focus: Build a great organization
  • Primary founder responsibilities: Scaleup founder role
  • Primary skills required: Organizational development
  • Primary acquisition & retention focus: Acquire and retain employees
  • Primary scalability focus: Nearly all time spent doing things that scale
  • Primary insight focus: Managing insight in order to scale more quickly
  • Primary responsibility focus: Packaging responsibilities into clear and redistributable roles
  • Primary training & development focus: Organized onboarding and development programmes for both team members and leaders
  • Primary risk & compliance focus: Ensuring that risk is managed and that work is traceable and compliant
  • Primary privacy & security focus: Establish policies and responsibilities based on best practices and governmental regulations
Startup mode
  • Primary challenge: Searching for a scalable business model
  • Product market fit stage: Searching for people who are interested in buying our solutions
  • Most limited resource: Money
  • Primary organizational focus: Build a great product
  • Primary founder responsibilities: Startup founder role
  • Primary skills required: Start a startup
  • Primary acquisition & retention focus: Aquire and retain clients
  • Primary scalability focus: Nearly no time spent doing things that scale

  • Primary insight focus: Obtaining insight in order to reach product/market fit
  • Primary responsibility focus: Everyone lends a hand everywhere
  • Primary training & development focus: People figure stuff out for themselves

  • Primary risk & compliance focus: As little time as possible spent on managing risk & compliance
  • Primary privacy & security focus: Pragmatic, best effort

In a fast growing scaleup it can be extremely difficult not to get sucked into operational issues. My organizational coach has helped me maintain focus and set aside time to slowly but surely improve the clarity of organizational expectations.

Christoffer Herheim

Christoffer Herheim

CEO at Optio Incentives

I’ve tried adopting various holistic tools for organizing work in the past, but none of them stuck. Access to an organizational coach has given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed this time around.

Trond Kaareng Johansen

Trond Kaareng Johansen

CEO at Bolt

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